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Lmao this shit crazy! 3 years ago
Bro.. When he was pulling his dick out and sticking it back in. THE ACCURACY!! He must have aimbot lmao
Katie 4 years ago
This is the only way i liked being fucked . i dont want no making love bullshit session . slap me , push me , and fuck my brains out. I like being treated like a dirty fucking cum dumpster slut! It gets me off and makes me squirt!
Criminal Psychologist 3 years ago
Psychologically, he wouldn't be interested in fucking her, given that fact most sexual abusers do what they do for the high they get from the fear and control of their victims, having someone submit to him, if he were mentally deranged, would actually turn him off as he loses his control when she submits and is no longer afraid
Omg 3 years ago
Lmao scared the fuck out of me when it jumped to IS THIS THE MONSTER..... I'm a big ass pussy
3 years ago
Dennis Reynolds strikes again lol
3 years ago
This is hot but he’s trying too hard to be something he’s clearly not.
Nora 3 years ago
I like a good angry fuck, but not as much as I like this man's curls
Satanherself 3 years ago
What is his NAME?!
Cum man 3 years ago
bounced on my boys dick to this for hours. Great video
sexy 3 years ago
I took my s'bros car and put a dent in it. He grabbed me and tore my blouse then slapped my tits then stripped me naked and rammed his cock down my throat, then fucked my cunt whilst slapping my face, tits & pinching my cunt lips. I exploded and begged him to fuck me harder until he cums deep in my cunt. He now tells me not to wear panties when we are alone and he hate fucks me all the time. I love being abused fucked and full of cum .